Why You Will Fail In Network Marketing or MLM — Unless You Read This!

Why You Will Fail In Network Marketing or MLM — Unless You Read This!

Did you know that 90% of all people in the network marketing fail! That’s correct 9 out of every 10 people that come into this business will never unprotected to their hopes and dreams. One of my favorite quotes is, “Success leaves clues.” But so does failure. So if you want to be successful, do what the successful people have done. If you want to avoid failure… avoid doing what the people who have failed have done.

People flock to network marketing because of the simplicity of the system. They hear that the opportunity is a turn-meaningful system that succeeds for everyone who follows it. So why do people fail, in record numbers in such a system? They fail because, they pick and choose which parts to follow and which parts not to follow.

A system will not work if you do not follow ALL of the steps. It’s like following the directions on a map. If you turn left when you are suppose to turn right, you may ultimately get to your final destination, but it may take you much longer. You may already end up lost in the wilderness. And if you have a team of people following you, you may rule them astray in to that same wilderness.

So, what are the 4 meaningful mistakes most people make who fail in this business?

1. They talk too much. Most of you in your excitement about your new business will try and go out and explain it to everyone you know, expecting them to be as enthusiastic as you are. This is a mistake! Although most people don’t let in it, they make decisions on an emotional basis and THEN use logic to sustain their decision.

You are excited about your business because you are emotionally invested in it. After you got emotionally invested then your brain came up with the logical reasons why you could do this business. Your friends and family work the same way. Follow the system that is in place weather it’s a video presentation or sizzle or conference call. These have been designed to push the emotional buttons of your prospects FIRST, then the logical ones.

Follow your scripts! Before adding words check with your up-line. It is amazing how adding just 2 or 3 additional words can make or brake your business. Also you want to keep the time of action as simple as possible. Remember this business is about duplicating success. Always KISS your business (Keep It Simple, Silly). That way your downline will be able to duplicate your success.

2. They fail to do something everyday. Your business, my business, almost any business is built on momentum. It is always harder to get it started, but once it gets started, it is easier to continue. But once you stop, you have to start the hard course of action of getting started again. Think about that diet or workout you may have started at once upon a time. I’m sure you decided that I am going to get in shape or lose weight. You may have started off great, but then… you miss that one work out or you cheat that one day, thinking “Its just one day!” But that one day makes it easier to skip another day. Then it becomes a week… Now you have to start all over again.

Make doing something everyday a habit. They say it takes a habit 21 days to develop. Prospect consistently for 21 days. It will seem hard at first, but in 21 days, it will be almost second character. You may not see the benefits today, but with 30-90 days of consistent action, you will definitely notice some results.

3. They Don’t Treat Their Business Like A Business. You have to invest in your business. In network marketing the asset that you have to invest the most is your time. We are all given 86,400 seconds in each day to invest. What we don’t use, we lose. We can not save any on the seconds that we do not use. consequently, we do not have any “spare” time. It is either used or lost forever. In other words you can work your business complete time or part time, but not in your spare time. Plan the hours that your business will be open and work during those hours. It could be 7 hours a week or 70 hours a week. Just plan out that time and use it effectively. use 80% of your working time prospecting. The other 20% should be used training your downline and self development. Now you can use the hours outside of your work time to do additional prospecting, team building or self development, but think of this as overtime, which will pay off in the future.

4. They Quit Too Soon. Less Brown wrote a book, “Its Not Over Until You Win” I truly believe that is one of the biggest problems with people in this industry. People give up too soon. You wouldn’t quit your job if they didn’t make you a national director or vice-president in 3 months of (inconsistent at best) part-time work. So why should you expect it here. However, statistically it takes more than 10 years of grueling dedicated hours to become senior management in the corporate world. In the network marketing field, over 90% of the people who stay around for more than 3 years reach a senior sales level, working part time. What sounds like a better deal to you? Stay with it. Don’t quit. If you do, the clock will start all over again. Remember, its not over until you win!

Nine out of 10 people fail in this industry because they are not willing to work hard and are looking for easy money. You don’t have to be one of the failures. The road to network marketing success is filled with obstacles. It is your decision if you are going to use them as stumbling block or stepping stones. Also, don’t get fooled by the simplicity of system. They system is very simple, but it is not always easy!

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